What is SusChem?

SusChem UK

SusChem UK is an alliance of five organisations operating in the British chemistry-using sector.

The organisations are Knowledge Transfer Network Ltd (KTN), Chemical Industries Association, Institution of Chemical Engineers, Royal Society of Chemistry, and Society of Chemical Industry. The KTN provides the secretariat and connects with the SusChem European Technology Platform.

Contact Information

Geraldine Durand

Knowledge Transfer Manager, Knowledge Transfer Network UK

National level objectives

SusChem UK provides a coherent voice on sustainable chemistry in the UK. It provides an avenue to influence the European Commission, through SusChem, on topics which are important to the UK’s chemical and chemistry-using industries.

The NTP enables SusChem and the UK funding bodies to understand the links between European programmes and UK programmes. It also enables the UK to understand the impact of new Commission driven initiatives such as Public Private Partnerships, European Innovation Partnerships and Knowledge and Innovation Communities.