Organisation and structure


European Technology Platforms (ETPs) are industry-led stakeholder organisations that develop long-term research and innovation agendas for implementation at European and national level.

They mobilise stakeholders to deliver on agreed priorities and share information across the EU. The first ETPs were established in 2003, supported by the European Commission. Today ETPs are independent and self-financing entities that conduct their activities in an open and transparent manner.

ETPs help deliver solutions to major challenges of key concerns such as an ageing society, the environment, food and energy security, and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Building on the strategies for Europe2020 and Innovation Union, the European Commission's current research and innovation framework programme, Horizon2020, recognises the role of ETPs as part of the external advice and societal engagement needed to achieve the programme’s objectives.


SusChem has always been an open and inclusive organisation working for and with its stakeholder constituencies. SusChem is not established as a formal legal entity and carries out its activities through its stakeholders. This encourages a highly collaborative approach.

SusChem’s principal governance body is the SusChem Board, which manages SusChem’s overall strategy and activities. The activities of the board are supported by the SusChem Management Team, which works to implement the SusChem strategy. SusChem’s day-to-day activities and support for both the board and management team are provided by the SusChem secretariat based at Cefic in Brussels. 

The network platforms meet prior to the SusChem Board and is governed by a NTP leadership team by one composed of three members elected once a year and with a rotating chair elected amongst the three members.

Every year, SusChem organises a major European Stakeholder event open to all stakeholders and to anyone with an interest in sustainable chemistry and innovation. In addition, we organise brokerage events during which we call for support in developing ideas and building consortia for EU funded projects.

Working process

SusChem can draw on a wide range of expertise and resources in its stakeholders and associated networks. To deliver the ETPs’ objectives and formulate its programmes, working groups are formed that bring together specialists working on specific topics, covering different technology areas, innovation programmes and education and skills.

SusChem across Europe - National Technology Platforms Membership

The network of National Technology Platforms comprises today of 14 countries across Europe. They work on national sustainable chemistry initiatives, support national engagement in EU collaborative projects and programmes and contribute to transnational collaborations.

The membership is open to all countries of the European Union and the EU research partners. It is preferably run by an industry association, but this could also be another entity i.e. a research centre, as long as its firmly supported by the national industry. If you are interested please contact the NTP coordinator.   

New report issued by SusChem and partners: Robust Agenda to achieve Circularity of Plastics

New report issued by SusChem and partners: Robust Agenda to achieve Circularity of Plastics

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