Working Groups

SusChem convenes working groups, expert workshops and ad-hoc stakeholder discussions on specific elements of the SusChem strategy and its research and innovation agenda as required by its work programme and directed by the SusChem board.

Together with discussions at the Annual SusChem Stakeholder event these inputs form the heart of SusChem’s collaborative way of operating and how its research and innovation agenda is formulated and updated.

At its inception, in 2004, SusChem initially established Working Groups covering its three technology pillars: Materials Technology, Industrial Biotechnology, and Reaction and Process Design.

Today SusChem’s Working Groups support the current innovation priorities:

Want to get involved?

SusChem relies on the expertise and enthusiasm of its stakeholder members. SusChem working groups and task-specific groups welcome input from appropriately qualified and experienced stakeholder members who can contribute to SusChem activities.

If you would like more information on Working Group activities, please contact the SusChem secretariat.