Materials for Health and Well-being

Because good healthcare is essential to a sustainable society, the chemical industry continues to develop pharmaceutical and other innovative healthcare products.

We live in an ageing society where the burden of diseases and chronic illnesses is rising and at the same time healthcare is more and more personalised. Sustainable chemistry can help ensure that healthcare remains affordable and inclusive.

SusChem is focusing on three topics complementing other European initiatives such as the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). The first one is the development of improved contrast agents and novel molecular probes for a range of medical imaging technologies, which can improve diagnosis and outcome for patients.

Another relates to innovative smart ‘haptic’ materials. and improved prosthetic and biomedical implant materials that can enhance mobility and quality of life for older and disabled citizens. We are also working on advanced formulation technologies and materials for drug delivery as they can deliver real benefits in terms of efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of medical and other products.