Materials for Energy Efficiency

Sustainable chemistry is essential to improving energy efficiency in all types of buildings, from construction to renovation projects.

Integrated solutions are needed for the sustainable development of modern housing and offices and to enable the renovation of existing buildings.

Europe’s chemical industry is at the forefront of the development of high-performance materials in this area and is working closely with partners along the construction value chain to provide needed energy-efficient solutions.

Energy efficient solutions for buildings include advanced materials such as thermal insulation foams and panels for both internal and external application, coatings that either reflect heat or light, phase change materials that can provide thermal inertia/ storage for buildings and help temperature control, and highly energy efficient lighting such as Organic Light-emitting Diodes (OLED). The industry is also investigating materials that enable the integration of photovoltaic panels in buildings, materials that enable light weight structures and the integration of renewable and biobased materials in construction products.