SusChem-Spain Announces 15th Edition of Awards Recognizing Young Researchers in Chemistry


SusChem-Spain has announced the 15th edition of its SusChem Awards, aimed at recognizing and promoting scientific and informative activity among young researchers in different disciplines of chemistry. The awards will honor those whose work provides the basis of knowledge to develop innovative and pioneering solutions necessary for a circular and climate-neutral future.

The 2023 edition of the SusChem Awards has already begun, and the deadline for submitting entries is 31 May (until 15:00 CET). Participants must submit their applications online via the SusChem-Spain website. The awards are open to researchers under the age of 40 who are based in Spain and have completed a doctoral thesis in the field of chemistry or related disciplines within the last five years.

The SusChem Awards are organized by SusChem-Spain and are promoted by various organizations such as the Spanish Chemical Industry Business Federation (FEIQUE), the Spanish National Association of Chemists and Chemical Engineers (ANQUE), the Spanish Conference of Chemistry Deans (CEDQ), Expoquimia, the Chemistry and Society Forum, and Tecnalia Ventures.

The SusChem-Spain Awards recognize and promote the achievements of young researchers, providing them with the opportunity to gain visibility in their respective fields and contribute to a sustainable and circular future.