SusChem expresses support for a comprehensive and harmonized approach to safe and sustainable chemicals and materials



usChem has recently responded to the European Commission’s Survey on Safe and Sustainable-by-Design case study, Joint Research Centre report, and overall Safe and Sustainable-by-Design Framework. It has expressed its support for the objective of creating a harmonized and comprehensive approach to safe and sustainable chemicals and materials, striving for a Safe and Sustainable-by-Design framework that can become a global reference for safe and sustainable innovation.

However, SusChem has acknowledged the need for the framework to become more realistically implementable in the overall academic and industrial innovation process. SusChem has reaffirmed its commitment to working with the European Commission during the two-year testing period, with the goal of identifying how the proposed framework can be further improved and applied to deliver actual results on the ground. 

Collaboration with the European Commission and other stakeholders, including SusChem members, has the potential to make a significant and positive impact on creating a safe and sustainable future for chemicals and materials.

Read the full SusChem response here.