Spotlight on MAKE, CREATE and LEVERAGE at #suschem2018

Spotlight on MAKE, CREATE and LEVERAGE at #suschem2018

Join us at the 2018 SusChem Stakeholder Event – #SusChem2018 – on 20 June 2018 your number one destination for innovation policy dialogue and debate this summer. The 2018 Stakeholder event takes place at the Thon Hotel City Centre in Brussels and will be a great opportunity to voice your priorities and help define SusChem’s input into the next EU Framework Funding Programme: Horizon Europe.

This year’s theme is “The Future of Research & Innovation in Europe: Defining Technology Priorities for Sustainable Growth” and will bring together global audiences, senior players from the chemical industry, academia, research technology organisations (RTOs) and EU institutions to address common innovation challenges and debate priorities crucial to the sustainability of the European chemical and biotechnology sectors.

At the event Stakeholder input will be collected through two carefully designed parallel breakout sessions: one on Advanced Materials (CREATE) and the other on Advanced Process Technologies (MAKE). Input from both sessions will contribute to our future strategic research and innovation agenda beyond 2020.These two technology areas are complimented by Digital Technologies (LEVERAGE) and will also feature at #suschem 2018. All three themes are described in the video above.

All three of these SusChem Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) featured in SusChem’s recent white paper on the potential for KETs in Horizon Europe. The white paper outlined the major technology developments and initiatives needed to ‘create’ advanced materials, ‘develop’ advanced process technologies and ‘leverage’ digital technologies.

See you at #suschem2018!