Prosperity within the Safe and Sustainable-by-Design Framework: Key Insights from EuroNanoForum 2023


Among the various thought-provoking discussions at the recent EuroNanoForum 2023 in Lund, Sweden, a particular session, co-organized by Eva-Kathrin Schillinger, SusChem secretary, was dedicated to the concept of Safe and Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD), to actively involve stakeholders in the testing and development of the SSbD framework. During the session, key approaches and projects in the field were presented, such as IRISS, the International SSbD network, as well as real-world case studies, for example, the application of the SSbD framework to Li batteries and resulting trade-offs and the development of eco-friendly electrolytes for redox flow batteries.

The realistic applicability of the SSbD framework hinges upon the active engagement of all relevant stakeholders. It is crucial to acknowledge that the availability of resources and specialized skills poses a significant challenge, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. Overcoming this hurdle will be vital in realizing the full potential of the SSbD framework and fostering a sustainable Europe.

The session sent a resounding message that, although the journey towards implementing an aligned SSbD framework with different value chains and sectors, may be long and challenging, SusChem is dedicated to facilitating the collaborative process by bringing together all relevant stakeholders.