Towards a new SusChem Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA)


Horizon Europe offers new momentum for our industry. Identifying opportunities and challenges of the new European research and innovation framework programme was the centre of discussion at the SusChem Workshop “Towards a New SusChem SIRA”, held in Brussels from 16-17 May.

According to Jürgen Tiedje, representing the European Commission DG Research & Innovation, there is a basic agreement between the Commission, Member States and the European Parliament on the framework programme, although the budget is still to be finalised. The Commission is moving ahead with implementation to ensure calls would be available in 2021.

Tiedje described the changes in areas relevant to industry in Horizon Europe as “not a revolution, but a big change nonetheless” and he emphasized the need to highlight the impact of any proposed research and innovation calls. In June the Commission will publish strategic plans describing “what do we want to achieve” in Horizon Europe, again with a clear emphasis on increasing impact. A widespread consultation on the document will follow and the plan will be discussed at and finalised after the next EU Research and Innovation Days on 24-26 September 2019.

The SusChem SIRA workshop was an excellent basis for input to the Horizon Europe debate. It brought together members of the SusChem Board, the SusChem NTPs and experts from across industry, academia and SMEs, to finalise the technology content of the SusChem Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda. The agenda should reflect the overall strategy and role of Sustainable Chemistry and Industrial Biotechnology in boosting innovation in Europe and tackling global challenges, in the context of the new framework programme.

More details on the workshop here.