International Conference & Exhibition on Water Management in Industry - Call for Papers, Exhibiton and Sponsoring open!


The Industrial Water 2018 (event hashtag: #IndustrialWater) is an international conference and exhibition on Water Management in Industry, which will take place on 27-30 November in Frankfurt/main, Germany.  It addresses all relevant topics along the industrial water value chains: from raw water to waste water treatment; from sensoring to digitization in industrial water management; and from alternative water resources to zero liquid discharge and integrated management.

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Industrial Water is the platform for all experts in industrial water management: from applied research to technology development and application (solution providers and industrial water users). #IndustrialWater is hosted by DECHEMA the hub of an interdisciplinary network for industrial water management, with support of IWA and their Specialist Group on Pretreatment of Industrial Wastewaters.

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