Horizon Europe: European Commission calls for Mission Board members


One new aspect of Horizon Europe is the development and implementation of ambitious missions to maximise the impact of EU support to research and innovation and demonstrate its relevance for society and citizens. These missions will be defined and designed with the assistance of Commission expert groups (‘the Mission Boards’). 

The European Commission is now calling for applications for the selection of members of the Mission Boards. The deadline is 11 June 2019. SusChem stakeholders are encouraged to join, as highlighted by Jürgen Tiedje, DG Research & Innovation, at the SusChem Workshop “Towards a New SusChem SIRA”, held in May.

Five Mission Boards will be established, one per Mission area:

1. Adaptation to climate change, including societal transformation;
2. Cancer;
3. Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters;
4. Climate-neutral and smart cities;
5. Soil health and food.

Each Mission Board will have 15 independent high-level individuals with expertise in the relevant mission areas.

The Mission Board members will have an advisory role to the European Commission. Initially they will advise on the identification and design of one or more missions in the respective mission areas. Once the budget is formally agreed, the Mission Boards will advise on the portfolio of research and innovation activities needed to support the mission objectives.

A complete overview of the main functions of the Mission Board Members can be found here.

Who can apply?

Members of industry, innovation and business representatives; academia and research organisation representatives; policy makers and practitioners; end-users and stakeholders from the public sector, international agencies, social partners, financial and communication sectors.