Carbon4Pur and CO2EXIDE “Sustainable Plastics Symposium”


The ‘Sustainable Plastics Symposium : Joining CCU, Circular Economy and Power-to-X for better Polymers’ is the final get together to present the findings of the Carbon4PUR and CO2EXIDE projects. These research projects delved into the reuse of carbon from CO and CO2 as a raw material for the synthesis of epoxides and polyurethanes. Two different conversion paths for gas (biogas and off-gas from a steel plant) where investigated, as well as their end product: plastics based on carbon recycling. 

The symposium will end with a panel discussion where Cefic’s Sophie Wilmet, Innovation Manager Key Enabling Technologies, will share her views about the demands and next steps towards a circular European industry. Nieves Gonzalez Ramon, Cefic Innovation Manager has been invited to present the recently published SusChem ‘Sustainable Plastics Strategy’.

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