SusChem 2018 Brokerage Project Idea Presentations


Keynote presentations:

1. EC presentations on open H2020 calls:

Søren Bowadt - DG-RTD, Deputy Head of Unit; Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

H2020 2019-2020 D3 Topics


Carmine Marzano - DG-RTD, Programme officer; Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Biotechnologies

“Horizon 2020” Opportunities for the process industry in the 2019 SPIRE calls


Panos Balabanis - DG-RTD, Deputy Head of Unit; Eco-Innovation

'Connecting economic and environmental gains – the Circular Economy’ Focus Area


Arian Zwegers – DG-Connect Programme Officer; Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry

Technologies & Systems for Digitising Industry


Silvia Vivarelli - Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME), Senior Project Adviser; Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency   

Support to energy efficiency in industry  under H2020 -Energy Efficiency

2. Disruptive innovation in Europe:

Trends and challenges in the European startup ecosystem
 Nicholas Zylberglajt, President and Co-Founder, European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF)

 Deep Tech: Not your average startup
 Eric Pol, Senior Advisor , Ventures4Growth

3. Project ideas presentations:



Pitch session – Project ideas part I (SusChem NTPs):

Lorenzo Chacon - SusChem Spain

Maija Pohjakallio - SusChem Finland

Ladislav Novák - SusChem Czech Republic

Susanne Coles - SusChem UK

Tine Schaerlaekens - SusChem Belgium

Peter Glavic - SusChem Slovenia

Stelios Bikos - SusChem Greece


Pitch session – Project ideas part II 

Franco Cavadini - Synesis Consortium

Adaptation of old polycondensation plants to produce high-quality plastics from post-consumer waste streams

Ferran Martí Ferrer - AIMPLAS | Plastics Technology Center

Development of new Titanium MOF composites for highly efficient and direct photocatalytic conversion of CO2 and H2O to chemicals and fuels (SUNMOF)

Steven Ferguson - University College Dublin (UCD)

Automated Process Development & Miniature Modular Manufacturing

Theodore Dalamagas - ATHENA Research& Innovation Information Technologies

The SusChem Industrial Data Platform: unlock data markets in chemical industry

Jurga Juodkazytė - FTMC -  Center for Physical Sciences & Technology

No.1 Feasibility and Limits of Aqueous Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies relating to Sustainability, Safety and Scalable Manufacturing

No.2 Hydrogen Generation via Overall Electrolytic Splitting of Saline Water

Valentina Litovchenko - SITECH

Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants (IA)

Thierry Collard - Solvay

Serge Tavernier - University of Antwerp

Side/waste stream valorization, New material design, Application/implementation driven - extended industrial network

Ulrike Schmülling - Linde

Carbon Capture and Usage

Thanos Andreou - VIO Chemicals

Efficient upstream and downstream processes using Deep Eutectic Solvents

Paola Castrillo - Vertech group

A combined system of PEM electrolysis and methane generation

Donal Killackey - Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Center (SSPC)

Organic Synthesis for efficient integrated downstream processing, Novel Nanopharmaceuticals Processing Technologies

Bart Tambuyser - Capax

Engineered natural fibers for biocomposites

Simon Gerrard - University of Nottingham

Biomass Valorisation using Microwave Heating

Anh Phan - University of Newcastle

Intensification of biorefining/bio-chemical processes

Agnes Zoller & Christian Adlhart - Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

ZHAW collaboration opportunities for 2019 and 2020 NMBP WP

Don Lawrence - SGMA

Tanja Meyer - Bio-base Europe Pilot Plant

Turning grams into tonnes 

Gunnar Widforss & Alexandra Espinosa Hortelano - Mälardalen University

Pro4ma: process industry data analysis platform for connected smart factories

Maarten Honing - University of Maastricht

Photo-Chemistry in Continuous Manufacturing & Process Analytical Technologies

Marcos Ierides - Bax&Company

Project Proposal: Multi-material Additive Layer Manufacturing

Thomas Crabtree - Energy21

Increase sustainability and profitability of chemical sites with digital energy solutions


Pitch session – Project ideas part III (Startups)

Pablo R. Outón - Indresmat

Nikos Kazazakis - Octeract

Akshay Patel - SustAnalyze

Brian Miller - uFraction8

Pierre de Kettenis - Home EOS

Remy Buser - Bloom

Koen Van Aken - Creaflow

Linda Fröberg-Niemi - Smart Chemistry Park

Linda Fröberg-Niemi - CH-Bioforce Lt (represented by Smart Chemistry Park)

SusChem Stakeholders agree on crucial importance of data and data infrastructure for the double twin transition of the chemical sector
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SusChem Stakeholders agree on crucial importance of data and data infrastructure for the double twin transition of the chemical sector

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