SusChem Spain: Newly rebranded website launched!


SusChem Spain is part of the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry network, a forum which brings together stakeholders with the vision of creating a competitive and innovative Europe through sustainable chemistry and biotechnology; and with the help of national technology platforms, such as SusChem Spain, is able to foster transnational collaboration and achieve national priorities that need to be considered in European initiatives.      

With the rebranding of the SusChem network, the Spanish platform has followed suit by renewing its corporate website with a more contemporary and intuitive design to facilitate end user access to relevant content, as well as improve functionality. The launch of this new interface complements the platform’s aim at becoming one of the reference websites for the chemical sector, with a clear trend of making its work extensive in the field of innovative and sustainable development in the Spanish chemical industry, reason why taking advantage of the rebranding some new features have been included.

The new website is an updated interactive space which enables direct access to a wide variety of information related to sustainable chemistry such as: Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) news, events, funding calls for R&D&I collaborative projects, as well as reference publications or prizes from different fields of chemistry. The content targets all types of end-users, from those who are more specialised to those starting in the field of sustainable chemistry.

As an industry led public-private partnership and with the participation of stakeholders from all fields (academia, RTOs, industry, SMEs), SusChem Spain is able to foster collaborative activities such as knowledge exchange in the field of sustainable chemistry with the final aim of providing innovative and sustainable solutions to current and future global challenges. Long-term objectives are supporting the chemical industry’s success by means of R&D&I in the field of chemistry and industrial biotech, both at industry level and public level.