Registration for SusChem Stakeholder event 2017 is open!


Our most influential annual event – the SusChem Stakeholder event – is now open for registration. The 2017 event takes place on 8 June at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Brussels and will bring together global audiences, senior players from the chemical industry, academia, research technology organisations (RTOs) and EU institutions to address common challenges and debate priorities crucial to the sustainability of the European chemical and biotechnology innovation sectors.

This year’s theme is ‘Accelerating innovation and impact in Europe: Shaping expectations and priorities for the next EU Framework Programme’. As usual the annual stakeholder event is free to SusChem members so why not register now!

In the morning plenary presentations will be given by Peter Droell, Director at DG Research and Innovation for Industrial Technologies and Dr. Klaus SommerChairman of the SusChem Board and the SusChem communications team will also present the SusChem rebranding project.

Breakout sessions

Participants will then split into three parallel breakout workshops. There will be two sessions held either side of the morning coffee break and delegates will be asked to select two of the three topics at registration.

The three breakout session topics are:

  • Defining success factors for EU funded projects to optimise innovation impact and value for Europe This breakout session will discuss how to maximise the market uptake and impact of EU funded project results by examining success learnings from projects. Partners and coordinators from exemplary projects will be invited to share relevant success factors and critical learnings which they experienced during the various stages of their project. All stakeholders will have an opportunity to share their views on collaborative projects and how they can be designed to optimise impact.
  • SMEs as a driver of the EU innovation ecosystems: How can we stimulate market-creating innovation through SME funding? Chemical and biotechnology SMEs are key enablers of innovation. This breakout session will try to identify the right mechanisms and ways to enhance their engagement in European public funding programmes. The session will examine the current policy drivers, funding requirements and barriers to the commercialisation of SME innovation. We invite SMEs and their potential ecosystem partners (e.g., RTOs, universities & large companies) to share their ideas and discuss how to boost the impact of collaborative projects and relevant funding instruments.
  • Shaping funding instruments to accelerate innovation and competitiveness in Europe Competitiveness relies on the capacity to create added value.  In this breakout session the SusChem community will have the opportunity to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the design and structure of EU innovation funding instruments by sharing their experiences with Horizon2020. Together, we will identify a short list of ideas and recommendations for the European Commission in the evolution and design of the next European Framework Programme (e.g., how to integrate Key Enabling Technologies). 

FP9 debate

After lunch SusChem stakeholders will receive updates from our National Research Platform (NTP) network and feedback from the breakout sessions before a high-level panel discussion that will examine how to accelerate innovation and deliver impact in the upcoming Framework Funding Programme (FP9).

The panel will be moderated by Cefic Director General Marco Mensink and will feature contributions from Prof. Michael Matlosz, President and Chief Executive Officer of the French National Research Agency (ANR), Cosimo Franco, CEO of Endura, Angels Orduña, the SPIRE PPP Executive Director, Ulrich Kuesthardt, SusChem Board Member and CIO at Evonik, and Kurt Vandenberghe, Director for Policy Development and Coordination at DG Research and Innovation.

Following a summing up of the day’s activities and outcomes, the SusChem Stakeholder event 2017 will conclude – as ever – with a networking cocktail reception.

For more details please visit the event website or register direct by clicking here.