Horizon 2020 Work Programme Published


The European Commission (EC) plans to invest 30 EUR billion for the remaining years of the Horizon 2020 programme. In the final, 2018-2020 Work Programme, substantial investment is being allocated to fewer, but critical topics, directly supporting the Commission’s ten priorities. SusChem technologies are directly linked to many of these key priorities:

  •  A low-carbon, climate resilient future: 3.3 EUR billion,
  • The Circular Economy: 1 EUR billion,
  • Digitising and transforming European industry and services: 1.7 EUR billion.

In addition, 2.7 EUR billion will be invested in supporting high-risk and high-gain innovation to create the markets of the future, kick-starting the newly launched European Innovation Council (EIC). This will be the first time that a bottom-up approach is used in supporting projects with the possibility of scaling-up on an international level. The board will be managed by the High Level of Innovators, which consist mostly of Pan-European experts from business innovation. The pilot provides a unique opportunity to network, receive mentoring and coaching, as well as strategic advice. For more information on how to apply for the pilot, click here.   

The Commission further highlighted that the rules for applying for funding will be simplified through introducing the lump-sum pilot, which will move away from ex-ante controls and focus more on content.  The main difference from its predecessor is that lump-sum pilot will reduce the administrative burden by eliminating cost reporting, timesheets and financial ex-post audits on costs. Furthermore, the pilot will be more performance oriented

International cooperation is another aspect underlined in the new Work Programme, where 1 EUR billion will be invested in 30 flagship initiatives.

This is also the right moment to look again at the information from the 2017 SusChem Brokerage Event, which took place in Brussels on 18 October . Check out the draft Work Programme 2018-2020 topics matrix developed by SusChem innovation managers and the project ideas looking for partners.

For more information on the Horizon 2020 Work Programme please click here.