CEFIC Outlines Future Missions for Shaping Up FP9


Building up on its positive experience in Horizon 2020 and its position as a front-runner in research and innovation, the European chemical industry puts forward ideas for missions to be included in the future EU Programme for Research and Innovation– "FP9".

Cefic’s proposal is inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals - a recommendation in Pascal Lamy’s High-Level Group report “LAB – FAB – APP: Investing in the European future we want” which forms the basis for the development of FP9 and its mission-oriented approach. Taking stock of the chemical industry contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Cefic wants to engage actively in the shaping of the future missions for innovation.

The three essential areas for FP9 missions, where the chemical industry can play a key role are:

  • Low Carbon Industries - leading the societal transformation to a carbon neutral economy by reducing the carbon footprint (negative impact factors) and increasing the carbon handprint (positive impact factors),
  • Materials Up & Recycling - promoting a change of mind-set for industry and consumers, enhance eco-design, re-use and recycle which could lead in the long run to the elimination of waste,
  • Affordable and abundant low carbon energy for all - A structural change towards use of renewable energy sources, require breakthrough innovation in terms of technology, materials and business models to resolve variability and to match supply and demand.

Promoting the involvement of the innovation eco-system, Cefic invites other organisaitons to join the debate and is ready to contribute to proposals from others.

The FP9 Mission Paper is published here.