EMIRI Roadmap on “Advanced Materials for Clean Energy and Clean Mobility”


The Energy Materials Industrial Research Initiative (EMIRI) has recently launched its 2nd edition the Roadmap “Advanced Materials for Clean Energy and Clean Mobility”. It defines research priorities in 7 areas: Battery Energy Storage, Solar Energy Harvesting, Building Energy Performance, Wind Energy Harvesting, Hydrogen for Mobility, Hydrogen for Stationary and carbon capture and utilisation (CCU), to help set research priorities in the upcoming Framework Programme Horizon Europe. Experts from the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) have contributed in core areas, for example, lightweight materials and CCU. 

The three main sections of the EMIRI roadmap are:

  • Technologies in focus with a theoretical overview of technologies, applications, the current status in the market and supportive technical background
  • Suggested R&I activities as concrete calls suggestions to the European Commission
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each technology/application, their values now and the targets for 2030

The advanced materials challenges and innovation approaches recommended in the EMIRI Technology Roadmap highly align with the priorities set up in the new SusChem SIRA, which will be launched on 27 November 2019 during the SusChem Stakeholder event. The SusChem SIRA 2019 will constitute a reference for policy-makers in the EU and for Member States co-designing Horizon Europe, for the industry and for the scientific and societal stakeholders involved in the sustainable and circular economy debate.

One of the pillars of the new SusChem Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) is advanced materials. These are at the core of low carbon technologies, necessary to tackle climate change. Multidisciplinary innovation in the area is driving up their performance, durability and sustainability while reducing their cost. The advanced materials demand is expected to have a steep growth up to 2030 and beyond. There is a need for better, safer, more affordable and environmentally friendly solutions in building and construction, transport, energy storage and transformation, consumer goods, health and wellbeing. 

The new EMIRI Technology Roadmap is now available for download HERE