SusChem Stakeholders Event 2019



  09:30-9:40   Opening and welcome
                                 Vivi Filippousi, SusChem Manager/ NTPs Coordinator

  09:40-9:50   Opening by SusChem Chairman
                                   Markus Steilemann, Chief Executive Officer, Covestro AG

  09:50–10:05  Keynote speech from the European Commission
                                   Peter Dröll, Director of Prosperity,  DG RTD, European Commission 

  10:05–10:20  'Global and societal challenges towards 2030' speech:
                                   Sam Van den plas, Policy Director, Carbon Market Watch

Reaction & panel discussion (Q&A)
                                  Moderator: Pierre Barthélemy, Executive director Innovation, Cefic
                                              Peter Dröll,
Director of Prosperity, DG RTD, European Commission 

                                              Tomas Wyns, Researcher, Institute for European Studies, VUB
                                              Marco Mensink, Director General, Cefic
                                              Sam Van den plas, Policy Director, Carbon Market Watch

   11:10–11:30    Coffee break

  11:30–11:45    ‘The digital transformation of the industrial sectors’ speech 
                                    Nikos Kazazakis, CEO, Octeract
‘The digital transformation opportunity for the chemical
                                   and industrial biotech sectors’ panel discussion
                                   Moderator: François Monnet, Advanced Technologies exec VP, Solvay 
                                              José Cotta, Head of Unit, DG RTD, Industry 5.0, European Commission​

                                   Jane Arnold, Head of Global Process Control Technology, Covestro 
                                   Nikos Kazazakis, CEO, Octeract
                                              Flavio Manenti, Professor of Chemical Plants, Politecnico di Milano, Milano, IT​

                                   Nathalie Rigouts, Head of IT Innovation, Borealis Polymers N.V.

   12:45–13:45    Lunch 
SusChem National Technology Platforms (NTPs) booth area opening ​

  13:45–14:00   ‘Innovation Partnerships addressing Key Challenges’ speech
                          Dusan Sandor, Policy Analyst, DG RTD, European Commission 

‘The role of Horizon Europe partnerships and platforms in addressing key
                                    challenges at a national and European level’ panel discussion
                                    Moderator: Agnes Borg, Director, Industrial Biotechnology, EuropaBio
                                    Andreas Falk, SusChem Austria, SusChem NTPs Chair
                                    Philippe Mengal, Executive Director, BBI JU
                                    Philippe Jacques, Managing Director, EMIRI
                                    Angels Orduña, Executive Director, A.SPIRE
                                                Dusan Sandor, Policy Analyst, DG RTD, European Commission 

   15:00–15:20   Coffee break

   15:20–16:50  ‘Circular economy and the energy transition: innovation challenges'
                                    panel discussion
                                    Moderator: Ann Dierckx, Director of Sustainability, Cefic
                                                Michał Kubicki, Policy Officer for Circular Economy, DG GROW, European Commission

                                    Josef  Wünsch, Senior Vice President, Structural Materials & Systems, BASF SE
                                                Andreas Förster, Head of Research Management and Conferences,
                                                DECHEMA e.V.
                                                Janne Hulkko, Research Team Leader, Industrial Synthesis and
                                                Catalysis, VTT

   16:50–17:00  Closing remarks 
Vivi Filippousi, SusChem Manager/ NTPs Coordinator

  17:00 onwards  Networking & cocktails