SusChem Stakeholder Event 2018


Advanced materials and advanced process technologies are the two main clusters of technological developments that drive the R&I agenda of sustainable chemistry. In addition, digital technologies have become essential enablers for the development of advanced materials and processes. Therefore, this year's breakout sessions will also consider how to better integrate digital technologies in the strategic R&I agenda for both materials and processes.

Session I
Creating the future with advanced materials: what are your priorities?

Advanced material technologies enable breakthrough application development across a wide range of value chains. Innovative products have a significant impact on improving the life quality of citizens and offer solutions to many societal and environmental challenges. In addition, advanced materials open a new horizon of business models, markets, and forms of interdisciplinary cooperation.

In this breakout session, you will be inspired by impactful examples in the field of innovative advanced materials development. Three leading experts will give their vision on how the future should look in the following technology areas: Plastics Circularity, Materials for batteries, and materials modelling and functionalities. You will also be able to interact with the experts in these fields and provide your input, which will set the basis for the next Materials Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for Europe. We will also discuss the extent to which these three areas could contribute to possible missions in the frame of Horizon Europe.

Confirmed speakers:

Co-chaired by Jens Rieger (BASF SE, SusChem Board Member), and François Monnet (Solvay, SusChem Board Member)

Betrand Fillon, French Plastic and Composites Institute (IPC)

Germán Cabañero Sevillano, CIDETEC, the Spanish applied research organisation

Jens Rieger, BASF SE, SusChem Board Member

Session II
Creating the future with advanced process technologies: what are your priorities?

Process Technology developments are crucial to the transition to a more circular, energy efficient and carbon neutral industry. Sustainable process technologies are key to the utilisation of alternative feedstocks and the integration of alternative energy sources in the chemical sector. As consequence, the development of advanced processes technologies is essential to boost competitiveness and growth in Europe. 

This breakout session will start with impulse presentations from three experts on the longer-term potential of the utilisation of electricity in chemical processe; the role of industrial biotechnology; and the expected impact of digital technologies. 
The short, mid and long-term process technology priorities will be discussed with the experts for all types of feedstock and energy sources.

You will have the chance to exchange with renowned experts in advanced process technologies and contribute actively with your input to shape the European Research and Innovation Agenda on Chemical Process Technologies and their contribution to possible missions in the context of Horizon Europe.

Confirmed speakers:

Co-chaired by Andreas Förster (DECHEMA, SusChem Board Member) and Joanna Dupont-Inglis (EuropaBio, SusChem Board Member)

Biotechnology:  Andreas Kohl, Clariant

Electrification: Tom van Gerven, KU Leuven

Digital technologies:  Jane Arnold, Covestro