SusChem 2017 Stakeholder Event



Scheduled speakers are subject to change.

A cross-section of senior chemical industry, academia, research technology organisations (RTOs) and EU institutions will share their creative ideas and practical solutions on how to address the big challenges facing the European chemical and biotechnology innovation sectors.

  • Peter Droell #
    Peter Droell

    Director at DG Research and Innovation – Industrial Technologies

  • Cosimo Franco #
    Cosimo Franco

    CEO of Endura

  • Ulrich Kuesthardt #
    Ulrich Kuesthardt

    SusChem Board Member and CIO at Evonik

  • Michael Matlosz #
    Michael Matlosz

    President and Chief Executive Officer of the French National Research Agency (ANR)

  • Marco Mensink #
    Marco Mensink

    Director General of Cefic

  • Àngels Orduña #
    Àngels Orduña

    SPIRE Executive Director

  • Klaus Sommer #
    Klaus Sommer

    Senior VP Bayer Technology Services and Chairman of the SusChem Board

  • Kurt Vandenberghe #
    Kurt Vandenberghe

    Director for Policy Development and Coordination at DG Research and Innovation (RTD)