The SusChem management team works to implement SusChem’s strategy, initiatives and events, under the direction of the SusChem board.

Its members are drawn from the main stakeholder constituencies, including National Technology Platform representatives.

The management team meets as required and team members are in regular touch with each other to work on specific events and programmes. The management team is led by Anne Chloe DEVIC, Innovation Manager at Cefic, and is supported by the SusChem secretariat also based at Cefic.

Creating Solutions Together: The new SusChem website

Creating Solutions Together: The new SusChem website

Today, (15 June 2017), SusChem has publicly launched its new website featuring fresh content and the platform’s distinctive new branding. The SusChem website’s bright and distinctive new visual style emphasises the platform’s values and aspirations, and is designed to help widen its appeal and accessibility...

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